GirlsFlexing.com Muscle Girl Website Information

GirlsFlexing.com is also joined with MuscleAppeal.com. We had originally started a muscle girl next door website called The Muscle Appeal in 2012. As time passed, the site got better and more popular. Many models had joined, and MuscleAppeal.com was starting to become a full blown female muscle website, competing with some of the original websites in female muscle videos.

We decided to create GirlsFlexing.com to categorize the models better. We post all muscle girls next door on GirlsFlexing.com, and all female bodybuilders on MuscleAppeal.com. This way our members get better priority of the video updates, of their favorite models.

If you have been connected with MuscleAppeal.com since we started in 2012. You will notice that we built our female muscle website from the ground up. We started with nothing, and created something special. We started GirlsFlexing.com in 2013, and we are now the largest muscle girl next door website, with the largest social network following.

There are a few things that separate us from the rest. The main feature that we offer is unknown unique female muscle models. For the most part, we do not use the same models that are on our competitor muscle girl websites. We are also known for finding amazing models, and we often get asked the question; “How do you do it?” All of our models actually have muscle, and are not just regular average girls flexing.

We use social media as an extra way for you to stay connected with us. We are very active on our social media, and post many updates and bonus female muscle photos and videos.

GirlsFlexing.com is a muscle girl video website, that is about bringing you the best-unknown muscle girls. We offer great quality High Definition muscle girl videos. We value our fans, and are known for our excellent customer service. We go the extra mile.