New Muscle Girls: Orlando Europa 2016

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Blog Title: New Muscle Girls: Orlando Europa 2016
Featured Models: Colleen, Hellen, Kessia, Lyssa, OC, Tasha
Photo Credits: Jason Lynch
Written By: Girls Flexing
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When we announce that will be attending a bodybuilding event on our social media, many of our muscle girl fans want to know which new models we plan on working with!

Posted May 25, 2016 by


New Muscle Girls: Orlando Europa

New Muscle Girls We Worked With At the IFBB Orlando Europa 2016!

When we announce that will be attending a bodybuilding event on our social media, many of our muscle girl fans want to know which new models we plan on working with. They can’t wait to see pictures of these new muscle girls next door. We have decided to post an article in our female muscle blogs section showing you who we have worked with. This way you can see in advance which models will be new to the website in the future.

We will be giving our honest opinion about the models and their personality. There will be no bullshit. If we don’t like the model and don’t plan on working with her again we will give our reasons. To be honest MOST muscle girls we work with are awesome. We will also be including how the shoot went. Hopefully this will get you excited about out future updates on

If you want to see more muscle girls that we worked with at this show, then checkout our other website; We have the same article about professional female bodybuilders, and physique competitors that we had worked with at the 2016 IFBB Orlando Europa show.

Lets get started… Here are the muscle girls that we worked with in Orlando Florida 2016!


[singlepic id=58 w= h= float=none]

This is the second time we have worked with Colleen. She is a very very very nice muscle girl, and she loves to work with Colleen loves the camera and loves to flex her muscles. Therefor we get along great! We had no idea that she would be at the Orlando bodybuilding show this year. We seen her at the expo and arranged for a quick photo and video shoot outside.


[singlepic id=59 w= h= float=none]

Hellen should be an inspiration because of her success story. She lost a lot of fat and turned into a ripped muscle girl with veins all over her arms. However, we got the impression that Hellen was a bit tight for money. She has not bought new clothes since she lost a lot of weight. Resulting in clothes that were WAY too big for her. This was the first time that a muscle girl has shown up to a professional paid modelling shoot with limited outfits that don’t fit.

If you are wondering why Hellen is now showing her legs… She didn’t bring shorts… She didn’t bring shorts in Florida weather! In all honesty, we were excited about Hellen. She looks amazing, but we were limited on what we can do with her.


[singlepic id=60 w= h= float=none]

Kessia is a world class muscle girl. She photographs really well. It is impossible to take a bad photo of Kessia. Which means we got some amazing photos and videos of her. Not only is Kessia a gorgeous muscle girl, but she is VERY fun to be around. Any muscle girl that likes Harry Potter is awesome! We talked about Harry Potter and muscle. It was the best day!

We were first introduced to Kessia by another female muscle photographer “Dan Ray Photography.” It was nice of him to help us out, and refer a new muscle girl to


[singlepic id=61 w= h= float=none]

Lyssa was competing in the bikini category at the Orlando Europa show. It is hard to work with competitors because they have a tight schedule, but Lyssa found the time for us. Lyssa is fun to be with, she has a sarcastic personality and likes to joke around with everyone.

The only problem with Lyssa was her fake tan. We hate the fake bodybuilding tan. We also don’t like the bikini suits they have to wear. They do not look natural. They are glued on and look heavy and uncomfortable. This is not a problem with Lyssa personally, but a problem with competing.

That being said; we got some good photos and videos of Lyssa. Her muscles are not huge, but she is an amateur muscle girl that has a sporty background!


[singlepic id=62 w= h= float=none]

OC is a young muscle girl. She is 20 years old. If you are wondering what OC means or stands for, it is O.C (initials) her actual name is Ociana. (not sure of the spelling)

Whenever parents turn up to a modelling shoot to be protective of their daughter is always nerve wrecking. We had to show her mother samples, and explain to her what the modelling entailed thoroughly before we began. Our photographer has a British Accent so he can charm mothers and persuade pretty easily!

After a nervous start the shoot, it turned out to be really good. The more OC flexed the bigger her muscles got! She was a great model and she had a fun time flexing. You can see in the videos that she was enjoying herself. We even got a video of her flexing with Karla Rodriguez which is a new female muscle model on!


[singlepic id=63 w= h= float=none]

We didn’t have a lot of time to work with Tasha. It was on the last day and we booked her in last minute. We didn’t have much time to talk or get to know one another, but she seemed nice. She had girls arms that got better the more she flexed them. Tasha is an all natural all American muscle girl next door.

The highlight with Tasha was getting interrupted by another muscle girl website that wanted to work with her. The polite thing to do is wait until the model is not busy and available, but this guy just walks up and starts talking to her, WHILST in the middle of posing for photos. With the little time we had, we were not amused. Yes, we do know what muscle girl website it was. No, we will not name names. We don’t want to give them any type of advertisement.

New Models: Orlando Europa

There you have it! We worked with 6 musclegirls; we got 5 new models at the 2016 IFBB Orlando Europa show. Every muscle girl that we worked with turned out to be very nice and awesome. Hopefully we get to work with all of these muscle girls again in the near future.

Hopefully you guys like these muscle girls that we worked with at the 2016 IFBB Orlando Europa show. Let us know which of these female muscle models you like the most! Leave a comment below!

Did you enjoy this article? We love muscle girls. We love to write about it, and talk about it! If you love muscle girls as much as we do, then make sure to watch your VIP Members videos!

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